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bedfellows: better coffee for all

bedfellows coffee roasting company was founded in 2014 by surfer marc beauregard on one belief: "win your morning, win the day." being an early morning person, marc noticed just how critical hot coffee was to dawn-patrollers everywhere, the enthusiasm for coffee sometimes overshadowing the poor surf, altogether. 

with a dedication to improve on that morning cup, marc began sourcing and roasting his own coffee illegally from his bedroom & shipping it to his fellow morning crew of surfers across this fine country, and bedfellows was born. reinventing the morning ritual is our mission. fresh, ethically sourced coffee just happens to be our tool of reinvention. 

we believe that great coffee should be in everyone's home. we ship locally roasted, fresh single-origin arabica coffees from straight out of the roaster in encinitas, california directly to your home address, so you can hit that sweet spot of freshness in the comfort of your bathrobe. No trip to the cafe needed. We teach you everything.