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gifts - the fine print

much like our indefinitely recurring subscription coffee club, our 3 - 6 month gifts are a monthly recurring shipment of rare and exotic coffees, but in gift form, with an end date, and a simple one-time payment. All shipping is free for all gifts!

our gifts are perfect for the coffee freak and the beginning explorer alike...showing off small lot, heirloom varietals, back-porch-garden coffees...light roast, dark roast...our gift subscription is a revolving door of coffee exploration. every month Bedfellows Roasting Company selects a unique coffee from a different region of the world to roast fresh.  we roast all our coffee ourselves in a diedrich IR7 coffee roaster in downtown encinitas. these coffees are sourced from relationships we've formed within the coffee industry: trusted traders, brokers, and sometimes the farmers and their family members. we've offered hawaiian heirlooms, rare geshas, classic nutty coffees from all over central america, fruity ethiopia yirga cheffes, deep, bodied velvety sulawesis...

your gift box will arrive with a personalized handwritten note and a bag of our delicious coffee each month, on or around the 15th. it will include information on brew methods, seed-to-cup story, and a thank you card. your gift is for the amount and duration you select. you're only charged one-time, there are no additional fees. coffee will arrive on or around the next 15th for either 3 or 6 months, at the address you provided. if you have a specific date you'd like to start on, contact us directly after purchase, at

my dad loves his coffee subscription, and looks forward to hand grinding his Bedfellows coffee every weekend for a special treat. and...I love knowing that his birthday and holiday gifts last him all year round! he thinks of me every morning! plus, it feels great to support a talented, local roaster. if you’re looking for a GREAT GIFT for the coffee lover in your life, look no further than the Bedfellows coffee subscription! thank you Marc and Bedfellows for all the work you do.
— lizzie swartz

ethically sourced coffees, roasted in Encinitas. shipping is free on orders over 2lbs.