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Ethically sourced coffee. Shipping daily. At Bedfellows Coffee Roasting Company, we source directly from small farms & roast it in the San Francisco Bay Area and ship it to your home. We ship our subscription box monthly & offer retail & wholesale services. We roast & ship FREE to all 50 United States. Bedfellows is located in San Francisco, California.

do you have a question? a comment? a wholesale inquiry? just want to say hi to our roaster? see our FAQ's below, or send us a message, and we will get back to you swiftly. 

you can also contact us directly via email at:


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bedfellowsroasting [at]

frequently asked questions


Q: how much is shipping?

A: thanks for asking.  this is a unique bedfellows advantage: all domestic shipping is free.  the amount listed is the amount you'll be charged. no gimmicks.


Q: when will i receive my coffee i ordered?

A: coffee comes in 5-7 business days. once we receive your order, there is a 48-hour processing time (since we roast our coffee to order), as well as a 3-5 business day window for usps priority mail shipping. if you've signed up for asubscription, it begins on or around the 15th and will ship near the 15th of every month.


Q: how do i contact customer service?

A: you may contact our roaster via email at bedfellowsroasting [at] and we'll get back to you promptly.


Q: is ordering secure? is my card accepted?

A: yes!  we use Stripe ( for our transactions, and Moonclerk ( to manage our recurring coffee subscriptions.  both Stripe and Moonclerk meet and exceed the most stringent industry standards for security.  we accept visa, mastercard, american express, jcb, discover, and diner's club.


Q: i haven't done my research, are these prices competitive?

A: they are.  currently, the bedfellows  medium roast is priced at about $2.10less  (yes. less.) than a comparable single-origin at starbucks.


Q: what method of brewing is best? how do i make my coffee?

A: we prefer a pour-over.  learn how with our brew guide. we've also found our glidemaster blend works well in a french press.


Q: what is the bedfellows coffee club?

A: it's our recurring coffee subscription program! see the next question, below...


Q: ok, so what is a coffee subscription?

A: in short, it's the easiest way to ensure fresh coffee in your home and a great way to learn about what you like.  bedfellows coffee club is like a magazine subscription, you sign-up once and every 30 days you're mailed fresh-roasted coffee from a different region of the world. your order is processed on or around the 15th of each month. for dedicated coffee drinkers this is a no-brainer. more information is here.


Q: can i order from my phone?

A: yip!  our entire website is mobile-friendly including our store.


Q: i didn't receive the coffee i ordered. what now?

A: oops! our humble apologies. sometimes packages are lost in transit. bedfellows roasting company accepts full responsibility. if you ordered coffee and didn't receive it by the expected date, please let us know by  we're happy to provide a partial refund, or include a re-roasted bag of your missing coffee with your next order.


Q: how many cups of coffee are in each bag?

A: "half-pounder" (8 oz.): about 15 to 17 cups, or about two-weeks of coffee for 1 person.

"full-pounder" (16 oz.): about 30 to 35 cups, or about a month of coffee for 1 person.

"five-pounder" bags (80 oz.): roughly 155 cups. this provides an office of five people with about a two-week supply of caffeine.


Q: what if i don't like the coffee?

A: we strongly stand behind the quality of our coffee. if you don't like it, send it back! just ship it back to us (we wont re-use it, it's just for quality control) using standard usps (usually costs around $5.75) and we will provide a full refund of your purchase with no questions asked.


Q: how do i cancel my subscription to the coffee club? how to i make changes?

A: you can cancel your subscription at any time with two quick clicks. to cancel, click the link at the bottom of your bedfellows email that says "plan management." then, click the tab to cancel. that's it!  we'll never send you something you didn't want.  there's no gimmicks, no contracts.


Q: i'm a business owner and would love to brew and sell your coffee, do you have wholesale prices available?

A: we do. currently we have several wholesale clients proudly serving our coffee in san francisco and elsewhere. see them here. for wholesale account inquiries and a free quote, just email our roaster at and you'll have some answers within the week.

contact bedfellows roasting company by email:


a rotation of ethically sourced coffees, roasted locally in San Francisco & shipped nationwide. shipping is free.