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the first step is fresh, whole bean coffee from a trusted roaster. these are the next steps...


THE POUR OVER          

needs:             water / kettle / dripper / filter / coffee / grinder

prep:                boil water. scoop 30 grams coffee (3 tsp, 8oz. cup). grind beans (like ‘sea-salt’ coarseness). wet filter. dump out papery-water. add grinds. smell that?

1st pour:           pour hot water, just enough to wet all grinds fully, allowing them to "bloom."only the freshest coffee does this.  smell. wait 40 seconds. smell again.

2nd pour:         pour a slow spiral, starting from the center and working out. aim towards the dark parts. try a figure-eight. be patient and smile.

3rd pour:          continue pouring to keep the drip consistent until your 8 oz. cup is full.

a note:             wait 3 minutes and try ‘black.’ taste it...even if just for a sip or three. you'll truly appreciate it.



needs:                water / kettle / french press / coffee / grinder / timer / spoon

prep:               boil water. scoop 56 grams coffee (about 8 tbsp) for a regular sized press. grind coarse (like bread crumbs). put grinds into press.

first minute:   about 30 seconds off boil, fill press halfway with water and start timer. at 1:00, give it a stir and add remaining hot water to top. cover.

4 minutes:      at 4 minutes, press the plunger and pour all coffee out immediately. don't wait to pour coffee out. makes about 2 mugs of hot, rich coffee. add milk, or cardamom.

a note:            make sure and pour out all your coffee at the 4 minute mark, or it will continue to over-brew. goes well with darker roasts.

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