BREW IT BETTER - the "duo" by fellow products

there is perhaps nothing better than brewing that perfect cup of coffee, on your own terms. but coffee is only as tasty as its weakest link. as a home barista in your snuggie, the last thing you'd want is to wreck all that hard, synergistic work between the farmer and the roaster...but often times, at home, we do just that. sometimes it's tough to brew a perfect cup at home.

well, not really, anymore.

these days, mad scientists are in the coffee game. these caffeine-obsessed chemists create products built around exacting every part of the brewing process.

enter the duo coffee steeper, by fellow products. yes, fellow. we have to admit, when we discovered this coffee product company with such a similar name, we were pretty bummed there was no relation. i mean, look at that sexy, precision brewing apparatus. needless to say, we linked up immediately and began a friendship based around brewing bedfellows beans with fellow's finely finagled features. to check out hanna's post about our first bedfellows + fellow experience, read here.

the duo is designed similar to a french press. the grounds get to chill out with the water for a full-immersion brewing process. the main difference is it leaves out the sludge! this is a huge step, especially for those who prefer the rich bold taste of a french press, but could go without the gunk in their teeth afterwards. we were blown away with our first sip.

the whole brewing process with the duo is simple and repeatable. this is huge, because it closes the rift between products for coffee beginners and products for caffeine connoisseurs.

as far as we know, plate of bacon is not included in purchase.

as far as we know, plate of bacon is not included in purchase.

the whole process takes about 6 minutes and on fellow's website they've broken it down into a few simple steps. the duo is morning-zombie friendly. great for the groggy and hungover, alike, it's just: pour, stir, twist, and pour.

so boom. now you know. san francisco based fellow products is on a tear right now, their duo's and rampantly popular stagg kettles are showing up in cafes everywhere, and they're about to release a new product.

so grab a subscription of bedfellows, or maybe just a pound...and hit up our friends at fellow for one of their duo coffee steepers. brew. take pictures. go crazy. add a mint leaf. or peanut butter.


actually, do not add peanut butter.

-marc beauregard, your roaster

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