Bedfellows Is Moving To Encinitas

I'm happy to announce a big move for our tiny coffee company. Now, for you, nothing will really change, since we're an internet-based company shipping nationwide. Regardless of where we're located you'll always get free shipping straight to your home...but I still thought you'd be interested to know about our migration.

We told our wholesale accounts in San Francisco a few weeks ago. They were as bummed as we were and we'll continue to ship to some of them...I've developed great friendships in this city with the people I've met through coffee.

But there's good news in this department too! We've already secured our first wholesale account in San Diego, AND our first retail account too...and we haven't even moved there yet. 

Our destination, Encinitas, California in north county San Diego, is a quaint, friendly surf town that I lived in during my 20's. I'm excited to get back to a simple lifestyle of surfing and roasting fine, single origin coffees for my friends.

We arrive to San Diego in September...

just me.

just me.

Marc BeauregardComment