A Pour-Over makes a clean, crisp cup, every time. Here's how to do it.

Great for light and medium roasts, the pour over cone will allow the most subtle nuances of coffee to shine through. No grit.   

needs:         water / kettle / dripper / filter / coffee / grinder

prep:            boil water. scoop 30 grams coffee (3 tbsp, 8oz. cup). grind beans                              (like ‘sea-salt’ coarseness). wet filter. dump out papery-water. add                             grinds. smell that?

1st pour:      pour hot water, just enough to wet all grinds fully, allowing them to                        "bloom." only the freshest coffee does this.  smell. wait 40                                       seconds. smell again.

2nd pour:     pour a slow spiral, starting from the center and working out. aim                             towards the dark parts. try a figure-eight. be patient and smile.

3rd pour:      continue pouring to keep the drip consistent until your 8 oz. cup is                         full.

a note:           wait 3 minutes and try ‘black.’ taste it...even if just for a sip or three.                        I believe you'll truly appreciate it.

Marc BeauregardComment