Coffee For Every Personality

Every Coffee is Unique

Just like humans, each coffee farm produces different unique cherries which result in a wide variety of flavors and aromas within the brewed coffee cup. At Bedfellows, we celebrate that variation, as our subscribers know very well. 

The coffee tasting wheel, partially pictured above, is used as a guide in the coffee world to allow roasters, baristas & farmers to place their coffees on the spectrum. You start from the center. Identify one. Then if you can, you move outward from that section to see if you can taste or smell the next layer of intricacy.

When I'm sipping samples, when I'm roasting, when I'm drinking my own coffee in my own bed...I get this flavor wheel out. I know...nerd.

Now, originally, this wheel was never meant to be communicated to the end customer, it began merely as an internal aid within the coffee industry. But, like wine, coffee is just too much fun. Once you get going on this type of thing (if you're like me) there's just no stopping it. We're seeing the same development in Craft Beer, even in Cheesemaking. I am into it. You?

If you'd like to download a full PDF printable version of the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel, made by the Specialty Coffee Association, you can grab that here.

Our Coffee, Matched to YOU:

This is Your Coffee if:
You're classic. You prefer dark, bittersweet oils on your coffee. You don't have lots of time to spend preparing coffee on weekdays. You dump milk in your brew, while lighting your Marlboro Red. This dark roasted blend could be your match.

This is Your Coffee if:
You walk on the wild side. You want to taste the extremes of where specialty coffee is going. You appreciate the subtle fruit nuances and take the time to get your morning cup right. This lighter roasted single-origin washed Kenya is currently 15% off when you enter "kenya15" at checkout.

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