May's Subscription: A Lesson on Altitude

this month, we're headed back to peru to explore what altitude does to the taste of coffee. our medium-dark roasted peru vida alta, directly translated to "high life," comes from a select region of farms that produced cherries grown 1900 meters above sea level. coffee at this level is harder and more dense than lower grown coffee, which can lead to more developed sugars. it's those slowly developed sugars that are responsible for the more nuanced flavors of coffee. It is my strong opinion that as long as you source high-quality, fresh-crop coffee, at any roast level you can still be able to extract proper subtleties of varying degrees.

one rare exception to altitude's relation to quality, oddly enough, comes from hawai'i. even though coffee in hawai'i is low-grown (the bad stuff is almost beach-level) the hawai'ian island's proximity to the equator puts them in unique zone which allows for some tasty coffees to get through for your morning sipping pleasure.

well folks, we've now secured two coffees, a high-altitude peruvian, and a lower grown maui mokka. the peru is our featured coffee for subscribers, and both are available as one-time retail purchases.

compare them! both are roasted medium-dark, both are delicious, daily drinkers, and both can be found online and shipped free at

our subscription box is an ever growing, ever evolving community of coffee lovers across the nation who love learning about coffee. new sign ups this month receive a free half-pound with their first order.