Political Unrest Leads to Ethiopian Coffee Shortage

Disclaimer: I have never been to Ethiopia. I am in no way an expert in the political affairs of African countries. My commentary is merely humble observation based on my job as a green coffee importer. -marc beauregard

On October 10th, 2016, the country of Ethiopia was declared in a "State of Emergency" because of the political upheaval. This is obviously effecting more than a cup of coffee. Families living in lands formerly controlled by old Kingdoms are enduring civil unrest. The country is in a sad state. 

This means that coffee from Ethiopia, often hailed as the best in the world, will endure a massive shortage. Supply will be devastatingly affected. 

We are down to our last 50 pounds of the Bedfellows Ethiopia Harrar - Dry Processed and I'm not sure when we'll be getting a fresh-crop Ethiopia again. SoI thought I'd send a quick mention, in case you wanted to take advantage of this unique coffee while it lasts.

At this point, we are unable to tell exactly how long it will be this way. Our only hope is that the complex turmoil is solved as swiftly and as safely as possible, so the people of Ethiopia can return to their way of life.

Marc BeauregardComment