2 ways to make better coffee at home

these two inexpensive kitchen additions will change your coffee game, and thus, your life.

for better coffee at home, do this:

1. get a burr mill grinder

does it matter? yes. it's the single most important coffee upgrade you probably haven't made yet. b-u-r-r m-i-l-l. it's different than your mom's blade grinder. buying whole-bean coffee and fresh grinding your coffee  with a burr mill, moments before you brew it changes your life, and that's why you clicked on this post: to change your life. and don't worry, hand-grinders start at around thirty bucks. see what we recommend.

2. switch to a pour over

does it matter? yes. once you have a grinder, this is the next step: ditch your coffee maker. become a coffee maker.  it takes 5 minutes and you'll just get better, more flavorful coffee...it's that simple. the subtle nuances of the coffee can get lost in a french press or automatic coffee maker. that doesn't mean a press pot wont make great coffee, but if you want to taste those florals and fruity tones, get yourself a pour over cone. see what we recommend.