bedfellows subscribers: this one's for you

ladies, gentlemen...presenting our august coffee, due to roast and ship by early next week:

The Bedfellows Colombia Reserva Planadas!

 A little about this coffee:

We want to represent farms that bring the best coffee, no matter what their size. Your coffee comes from an association of small farmers, (AGPROSEM) which translates to Association of Producers of Specialty Coffee of Montalvo at Planadas. The association gathers 39 small coffee growers that got together to improve the quality of the coffee produced in the region, and to finally get fair prices on their coffee through the negotiation power that the associative model gives them. We are happy to support this movement. Proud, even.

 Currently the association is involved in training programs targeting its associates to promote better farming practices, the conservation of the sources of water, and the environment. This is something we can get behind, and by drinking the coffee, you are supporting the movement as well. Think about that. 

The coffee you'll be shipped IS ORGANIC, yet the certification is pending. See, for a small farm in central Colombia barely scraping by in a globalized world, the cost of a US recognized certification would put them out of business. Yet, year in and year out, these small farms continue to produce delicious organic coffee.

 We’re pleased to present this washed organic Arabica coffee.  It’s a high-scoring raw product that large companies like Starshucks just can’t get their hands on, due to their massive volume. Who wins? YOU.

‘Tis a versatile coffee indeed. We’ve brewed pour-over, French-press, cold-brew iced coffee, and even espresso with amazing results all around. So go on, indulge yourself.  Allow your morning ritual to define your day.

Thank you.


Marc BeauregardComment