what our coffee club members have been getting

our subscription coffee club has been a hit since we launched it several months ago.  we're proud to offer the world's coffees to you in the comfort of your own home.  every month we ship a unique coffee from a different part of the world in its freshest form.  here's some of the past months subscription coffees:

AFRICA: ethiopia sidama - kochowa town

ASIA: indonesia sulawesi - kalaciri

SOUTH AMERICA: colombia - el placer / el porvenir

AFRICA: ethiopia yirga cheffe - kela kochore

with a steady growth each month, we've been able to offer more and more people a significantly improved experience making coffee at home. with free coffee samples, brew method tutorials, and month free shipping, the bedfellows coffee club is a no brainer.

this month's coffee, shipping on or around the 15th:


kenya - karinga

tastes like a chocolate-orange!