July's Coffee Club Members are going to Kenya!

Chocolate-oranges prevail in this quintessential Kenyan!


the Bedfellows Kenya Karinga 

It is surely Kenya season.  If you’re a regular to specialty coffee shops you’ll notice them showing up on the menu right about now.  Something many people are unaware of is the seasonality of coffee.  Being a crop, harvesting seasons vary and rotate around the globe…and the Bedfellows menu follows that pace as we source the finest, freshest raw product we can find.

In roasting preparation for this coffee, there were many places I could take it.  I decided to offer a slightly deeper roast than is common to specialty coffee Kenyas.  This lowered the acidity a bit as well as adding a chocolating effect that is truly special, complementing the sparkly orange. We roast one day prior to shipping, and we ship on or around the 15th!