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cold brewed coffee with a french press

(need hot coffee? click here for our pour-over guide)

here's a secret: most cold coffee sold in stores is made with old, stale, throw-away beans. you can do better than that. by using fresh coffee from us and making it at're way, way ahead of the game. we're sharing some guidelines to get that perfect cold beverage, anytime :


what you need: 

filtered water / french press / coffee / grinder / patience

the proper prep: 

it's those chocolatey, caramel coffees that make the best cold brew. that's why we recommend our deep and sweet blend, the bedfellows big sur blend. grind about 140 grams (about 1.75 cups) of coffee at a medium grind. the golden ratio for water/coffee is 7/1 for coldie's. put it into the clean, dry french press. you're ready.

1. the pour & stir:

pour 1 liter of room-temperature water evenly over the grinds...almost to the top...leave a 0.75 inch gap. use a wooden spoon to slowly stir the grounds. make sure they're evenly dispersed. be thorough...but go easy, lad.

3. be patient:

now, the tough part: the wait. put the top on the french press, but don't push it down! leave it on the kitchen counter for 12 hours.

4. the great plunge  

ok! 12 hours have passed, and it's time to plunge and decant. there is a trick here: don't push it down all the way. only push it 2 inches down and avoid agitation of the grounds at all costs. the silt at the bottom is better left behind. now, pour the entire contents into a large jar.

5. add water / ice

what you have here is a concentrate. to make a serving, just dilute it a bit...fill a cup half-full of the brew. add two ice cubes and fill to the top with cold water. stir it well. this is the point where you'd add your dairy, too.

some notes on drinking it:

for an even cleaner, sweeter cup, you can pour your concentrated concoction again through a rinsed coffee filter. this will provide secondary silt-treatment and will remove the last bits of undesirables that got through the french press.

if you follow this cold brew method using our big sur blend, it is our humble opinion that you'll get the most delicious cup of cold brewed coffee you've ever your home!

so start your subscription or grab a one-time bag.

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