The Best Gifts Ever - 7 Tiny Companies Making BETTER Products for the Holidays

sometimes i forget that people still give corporate gift cards as its 1997.

guys. come on. if i need to go to target, i'll just go to target. 

i know we can do better. since creating a company i've met so many small makers of truly unique, genuine products, it's astounding. like us, these people are going back to basics, but with just a little more attention to detail. my friends are bread-makers, bone-broth slinging hippies creating tea companies and chocolate companies out of thin air. these days there is no reason to ever purchase a target gift card again. ever.

instead, i want to open your mind to the myriad of people...yes, human beings...who have tiny, hard-working and super cool companies of their own. this is a list of small businesses whose founders are my friends. some are best friends, and others i've just barely met. but all of these companies offer passion-driven products that are of higher quality, healthier, made with love, and in most cases cheaper than your big corporate kooks.


  • URBAN MILLWORKS - (home furnishings)  these folks create sustainable, beautiful home furnishings and accessories from metal and wood. so ditch ikea already...there's gifts from UM starting at $22. oregon based and as unique as gifts get. take a look at that succulent!
  • STOKED GOODS - (suncare) did you know oxybenzone is common in most sunscreens, and it's the reason the coral reefs are dying? well stoked goods has a lip/face stick with no oxybenzone. the coral is stoked on this company, and your face won't mind, either.
  • STEEP TEA CO. - (beverages) i had the fortune of meeting the ladies of steep tea, and they are literally the most badass honeys in the bay area, and they've created a line of teas and tisanes to boot with names like 'misses rooiboson' and 'chammomillionaires.'
  • DESOLATION SUPPLY - (apparel) the child of tahoemade, this clothing collection was created by a crew of DIY minded wild spirits translating in smooth designs made by free minds. i dig it, and you will too.
  • ENDORFIN FOODS - (chocolate) the sister of the coffee seed is the cacao bean. but that's not my specialty, it's theirs. these guys use literally the highest quality cacao they can source on planet earth and go to outlandish lengths to produce old school, pure, sustainable, delicious, soul nourishing chocolate. this ain't your hershey bar, folks.
  • LONG BEACH DRIPPER - (pour over coffee cone) you know i love this one. these human beings are just getting started and their kickstarter is live with all sorts of prizes for donating. they've created the "ximeno," a precision, specialty coffee dripper that's hand thrown on a kiln. cool idea! 
  • BEDFELLOWS ROASTING COMPANY - (coffee) you knew this was coming. you know us. for the holidays, we've quadrupled our roast days and we're offering a free half-pound of coffee (to you) if you give a subscription as a gift. more on that is here. our subscription box information is here and to view our updated coffee offerings, including our new holiday blend, go here. shipping is always free!

i hope you guys dig this list. please leave additional tiny badass companies in the comments section, lets keep a thread of great makers going. thanks.

-marc beauregard

founder, bedfellows roasting company

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