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a FREE half pound with your next order.

our bedfellows subscription box has grown substantially ever since our launch last year. we're pleased to announce that 96% of our members have been signed up for more than a year, with no signs of stopping! these members are clearly quite satisfied with our product. if you purchase a subscription box for a friend or family member this season, we'll send you a free half pound with your next order!  

all you have to do is give! at checkout, just fill out the to/from box, and we'll see it. if you're an existing coffee club member yourself, you'll get a free half pound with your next box.  if you're not, then you'll get a free half pound included in the next time you order! show a friend and family member what great coffee is all about, while hooking yourself up at the same time. so easy.


every month Bedfellows Roasting Company will select a unique coffee from a different region of the world and send it your way...each month you'll experience the myriad of roast levels and taste experiences.  these are the offerings that we believe you have to try. our first month we mailed an ethiopia sidama.  our second month saw a deep sulawesi. last month was a fruit spiced panama boquete from camiseta estate.

cancellation policy

you can cancel at any time with two quick clicks. to cancel, click the link at the bottom of your bedfellows email that says "plan management." then, click the tab to cancel. that's it!  

shipping procedure

your coffee is shipped on or around the 15th of each month via usps and is guaranteed to have been roasted the day prior. generally, 3 - 5 business days is plenty of time, however, bedfellows does not guarantee the exact arrival time of the package. once we relinquish our coffee to usps, it is beyond our control. we can, however, assist you in tracking your package until it arrives safely in your hands.  at this time, we can serve U.S. residents only.

so, to summarize:
- order is processed on or around 12th of each month
- coffee is shipped on or around 15th of each month via usps

- you can cancel at any time
- no extra costs or fees
- shipping is FREE

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