so...what exactly is coffee?

This: Is Coffee.

...Well…it will be.  But it’s true, the brown, bitter drink we know and love is created from those white-ish seeds in that coffee cherry. There are two in each cherry.  And it doesn't have to be bitter. I’ll bet you didn’t know that.

 The first time you taste fruit in your coffee is mind-melting.  You circuitry gets re-arranged.  You stop, re-focus.  Coffee? You take another sip.  “WTF?” you may remark.  This is not your Foldgers. Yet still, you say out loud, “nothing comes closer to home.”  It's not bitter. It's not "bad." It's clean. It's fruity. 

Fruit flavors will come out in your coffee because your coffee is made from the roasted seed of a fruit. I mean, wow. But it’s only the highest quality coffees, and those lighter, more delicate roast-levels that can preserve the subtle fruity nuances of the coffee varietal and the soil it was grown in. 

Tasting a light roasted coffee done right for the first time is like indulging a medium-rare slow-cooked tri-tip steak, oozing in its own juices, when you’ve been eating a crappy, blackened mid-grade rump roast your whole life.  It’s like switching from two-buck Chuck to a Vintage 1947 Chateau Cheval Blanc. Now, the two-buck chuck and the blackened rump have their place, but you’ve just got to try this.  It’s an experience in life that is worth having. That’s what we believe. 

Introducing the Bedfellows Panama Boquete Camiseta Estate.

Sign up for our subscription box before November 15th and we'll ship you this coffee! With tasting notes of orange and salted caramel, this light roasted coffee is grown in the lush, volcanic soil of the high mountains near Boquete, Panama. It is a fully washed coffee, dried in the Panama sun, and you can taste it. This coffee is of the ‘Typica’ variety, which is kind of like the “great-grandfather” of coffee varieties: going on hundreds of years of cultivation and tweaking.

Oh, and guess what?

Counter-intuitively, the lighter the roast, the higher the caffeine.

Marc BeauregardComment