Notes From the Farm: Santo Domingo, Nicaragua


We believe that if you win your morning, you win the day.  It's simple to reinvent your morning ritual, especially with this month's subscription coffee feature,  the Bedfellows Nicaragua Santo Domingo.  We’re so proud to bring you this thick, chocolatey coffee! Now, if you’re just joining our subscription club this month, let me get you updated…30 days ago we featured a dark-roasted Central American gem from Costa Rica and so many of you told us how much you loved it, that we decided to stay in Central America for another month.  This coffee comes from northern Nicaragua in the Madriz region.  This small region is known for well balanced coffees with superb aroma, body, and flavor.  The locals are the first to tell you that these flavors are the result of nature: fertile volcanic soils, high-altitude and shade grown coffee.  

Screen shot 2015-10-12 at 8.32.07 AM.png

This is a Fair Trade, Organically produced washed Arabica coffee.  We decided to go pretty dark on the roast level again, to feature that classic approach and vary the palate a bit from our lighter and brighter varietals.  It’s our mission to show you just how unique and beautiful the different coffees of the world can be. 

 In your cup, you may get tasting notes of cocoa and graham cracker.  This coffee has a full, velvety body.  It is SO GOOD with milk.  Have an espresso machine?  Pull a shot.  It’ll make a memory.

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