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some press about our coffee

in just a few short months, our little bags of coffee have gotten a bit of press.  we're grateful to all the writers and companies who are inspired to write about us.  here's a few!

-, a parenting guide from manhattan beach, california featured our company and singled out our pricing along with ease of shipping (since it's free) and wrote an article to new parents regarding their coffee...bedfellows coffee. see below.

This San Francisco based roaster delivers delicious, premium quality coffee beans right to your door. For free! Well, free shipping that is, while keeping the cost per bag less than major coffee companies...
full article is viewable here:

full article is viewable here:



- here's another mention below by 'beautiful body' out of san diego, california. 'why was bedfellows mentioned in a non-coffee article?' this health-conscious mag says if you must drink coffee, drink high-quality single-origin stuff...drink bf.  see below:

Bedfellows Roasting Co. is an excellent example of pure coffee done right...




- we sent some of our little coffee bags our friends at, the fine folks who manage web-based operations for jack johnson and the likes...we figured a creative agency would dig caffeine...we were right. see below:

the full article can be viewed on their blog, here:

the full article can be viewed on their blog, here:



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