looking back at 2014

we at bedfellows roasting company can't believe it's already 2015.  it was just 4 short months ago that we launched our tiny little business.  we've been welcomed with open arms by our unique community of coffee drinkers from around the globe.

our coffee has touched down in india. photo: colin fernandes

our coffee has touched down in india. photo: colin fernandes

since we distribute bedfellows coffee via online orders and ship via usps, our coffee has been traveling a-lot.  we're extremely jealous of the luxurious journeys our little bags of bedfellows coffee get to take. these bags have been shipped to every state in the usa including hawaii.  they've gone international too.  india, australia, canada...we even shipped 4 pounds to norway during launch week.  

our unique collective of friends and their friends have turned this "idea" into a full on business.  we'd like to thank you by offering our glidemaster blend at an all time low: 

- - - - - $14.75 for a half-pound.  there's no shipping cost.  that's it. - - - - -

looking ahead to 2015 - bedfellows coffee club

the future is bright for bedfellows roasting company.  though small, we're progressing at a rapid rate.  2015 will see a few big additions, the main one being our beautiful COFFEE CLUB, a recurring subscription service that will send coffee every two-weeks to our members at a discounted rate, along with freebies and secret-menu items on the regular.  think "wine club" but for your mornings.  that should roll out in a few short months.

we'd like to acknowledge and humbly thank our loyal customers.  we appreciate you. 

i appreciate you.

-marc beauregard, roaster


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