how to brew it - a guide to that perfect cup of coffee

we're all about demystifying the magic of the cafe and bringin' it home here at bedfellows, so we're sharing some guidelines to get that perfect cup in the morning in its most beautiful and simplest form:


(need cold brew? click here)

what you need: 

filtered water / kettle / ceramic dripper / filter / coffee / grinder

the proper prep: 

boil water. measure 30 grams of beans (three teaspoons). grind beans. make 'em like sea-salt. place folded filter onto dripper and wet fully with hot water.  pour grounds into dripper.  dump out paper-water. you're ready.

1. the first pour:

slowly pour hot water into center of grinds. just enough to wet all the grinds fully -- allowing them to "bloom."  only the freshest coffee does this.  wait 40 seconds.


2. the second pour:

pour a slow spiral, starting from the center and working out. aim towards the dark parts. try a figure-eight. fill the dripper.

3. the third pour:

when the last pour has almost finished, pour the slow spiral once more.  you're done! the whole process should take about three minutes and you'll make one mug of hot coffee.  

a note on drinking it:

give it about three minutes (if you can wait that long) and taste it "black."  even if you don't generally take your coffee this way, taste it...even if just for a sip or three. we believe you'll truly appreciate it.

if you follow this pour-over method, it is our humble opinion that you'll get the most delicate and complex nuances of flavors to come out of the bean. we've spent many mornings testing and retesting and our menu reflects our favorite varietals from our favorite coffee countries.  you may even be able to taste the region it was grown.

or you may just taste great coffee. 

Marc BeauregardComment