have you heard of "small business saturday?" well its...

have you heard of small business saturday? well it's this saturday, november 22nd.  we at bedfellows roasting company would consider ourselves "small."

would we like to be a bigger company?  sure.  but we see the positive in every opportunity.  we're embracing our smallness in all the best ways.  by purchasing our coffee over other larger corporations, you're not only using your dollar to vote for independence and self-reliance, but you're also getting much more attention to detail in your coffees.  we don't roast one bean until you order it, so you're getting the freshest coffee you've ever tasted.   

we also don't have millions of customers.  so each of you is important to us.  many of you are friends and family members and those who aren't are treated as such.

bedfellows coffee will not be small forever.  but as it stands, here we are! a small company based in san francisco, california!  help us celebrate our smallness by ordering some coffee to your doorstep.  holiday gift discounts begin this saturday...making your gifting this year SUPER easy. 

bedfellows: give coffee.