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needs:         water / kettle / dripper / filter / coffee / grinder

prep:            boil water. scoop 30 grams coffee (3 tbsp, 8oz. cup). grind beans                              (like ‘sea-salt’ coarseness). wet filter. dump out papery-water. add                             grinds. smell that?

1st pour:      pour hot water, just enough to wet all grinds fully, allowing them to                        "bloom." only the freshest coffee does this.  smell. wait 40                                       seconds. smell again.

2nd pour:     pour a slow spiral, starting from the center and working out. aim                             towards the dark parts. try a figure-eight. be patient and smile.

3rd pour:      continue pouring to keep the drip consistent until your 8 oz. cup is                         full.

a note:           wait 3 minutes and try ‘black.’ taste it...even if just for a sip or three.                        I believe you'll truly appreciate it.

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literally every morning, they'll think of YOU.



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Beautiful Moments from a Coffee Farm in El Salvador

Here's a few beautiful shots from the finca in El Salvador. Our purchase from Finca Santa Julia is a 100% washed Bourbon variety coffee.

Stacking bags of raw, green coffee ready for export.

Stacking bags of raw, green coffee ready for export.

Ripening coffee cherries in the warm sun. Finca Santa Julia.

Ripening coffee cherries in the warm sun. Finca Santa Julia.

A coffee shrub in all its glory, Finca Santa Julia, El Salvador.

A coffee shrub in all its glory, Finca Santa Julia, El Salvador.

A full days' work of harvesting cherries.

A full days' work of harvesting cherries.

The patio!

The patio!

Your finished product, at home. Alot of hard work goes into this coffee. We just put the finishing touches on it. Enjoy.

Your finished product, at home. Alot of hard work goes into this coffee. We just put the finishing touches on it. Enjoy.

Photos: Coffee Shrub

Political Unrest Leads to Ethiopian Coffee Shortage

Disclaimer: I have never been to Ethiopia. I am in no way an expert in the political affairs of African countries. My commentary is merely humble observation based on my job as a green coffee importer. -marc beauregard

On October 10th, 2016, the country of Ethiopia was declared in a "State of Emergency" because of the political upheaval. This is obviously effecting more than a cup of coffee. Families living in lands formerly controlled by old Kingdoms are enduring civil unrest. The country is in a sad state. 

This means that coffee from Ethiopia, often hailed as the best in the world, will endure a massive shortage. Supply will be devastatingly affected. 

We are down to our last 50 pounds of the Bedfellows Ethiopia Harrar - Dry Processed and I'm not sure when we'll be getting a fresh-crop Ethiopia again. SoI thought I'd send a quick mention, in case you wanted to take advantage of this unique coffee while it lasts.

At this point, we are unable to tell exactly how long it will be this way. Our only hope is that the complex turmoil is solved as swiftly and as safely as possible, so the people of Ethiopia can return to their way of life.

What Did the First Cup of Coffee Taste Like?

No one can say. But this coffee might be as close as it comes...

Upon receiving this coffee, open up this bag and peer inside. You are gazing into a million years of nature. Ethiopia is hailed as the birthplace of coffee. The original. All other coffees came from this mother. Do you see the imperfections? The chaff on a few beans? The irregularity of this coffee comes from the “processing,” the method of removing the seed from the rest of the cherry. Most of the coffees we’ve delivered have been “wet-processed” coffees (also known as “fully washed”), using water and agitation to remove the seed. This coffee is different…This is Dry-Processed coffee. In the dry (aka “natural”) processing method, coffee is laid out to dry in the sun, with the skin intact. Once dry, the thick outer layer is removed. Very little is done…Nature creates the coffee through the ever undulating phases of the earth. Harrar, Ethiopia is one of the few coffee growing regions in the world that has the proper climate for this method. Beautiful and unique, and I thought you’d enjoy that.

Sourced from the subregion of Harawacha in East Harrar, it smells like strawberry-vanilla out of the grinder, in my humble imagination. Whereas last month we mimicked the dark-roasts of the 1960’s, this lighter style of coffee is popular today throughout the Pacific North West, Scandinavia, and Australia. Wait a few minutes and sip slowly to appreciate the subtle, fruity beauty. You can leave the milk out on this one.

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this year we're here to help you show dad how rad he is. ship him one of a few gift options listed below, or just take advantage of the discounted coffee for yourself.

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offers valid from now until june 15th at midnight. orders received after midnight june 15th cannot guarantee a morning cup on dad's day. juss' sayin.'

happy father's day!

BREW IT BETTER - the "duo" by fellow products

there is perhaps nothing better than brewing that perfect cup of coffee, on your own terms. but coffee is only as tasty as its weakest link. as a home barista in your snuggie, the last thing you'd want is to wreck all that hard, synergistic work between the farmer and the roaster...but often times, at home, we do just that. sometimes it's tough to brew a perfect cup at home.

well, not really, anymore.

these days, mad scientists are in the coffee game. these caffeine-obsessed chemists create products built around exacting every part of the brewing process.

enter the duo coffee steeper, by fellow products. yes, fellow. we have to admit, when we discovered this coffee product company with such a similar name, we were pretty bummed there was no relation. i mean, look at that sexy, precision brewing apparatus. needless to say, we linked up immediately and began a friendship based around brewing bedfellows beans with fellow's finely finagled features. to check out hanna's post about our first bedfellows + fellow experience, read here.

the duo is designed similar to a french press. the grounds get to chill out with the water for a full-immersion brewing process. the main difference is it leaves out the sludge! this is a huge step, especially for those who prefer the rich bold taste of a french press, but could go without the gunk in their teeth afterwards. we were blown away with our first sip.

the whole brewing process with the duo is simple and repeatable. this is huge, because it closes the rift between products for coffee beginners and products for caffeine connoisseurs.

as far as we know, plate of bacon is not included in purchase.

as far as we know, plate of bacon is not included in purchase.

the whole process takes about 6 minutes and on fellow's website they've broken it down into a few simple steps. the duo is morning-zombie friendly. great for the groggy and hungover, alike, it's just: pour, stir, twist, and pour.

so boom. now you know. san francisco based fellow products is on a tear right now, their duo's and rampantly popular stagg kettles are showing up in cafes everywhere, and they're about to release a new product.

so grab a subscription of bedfellows, or maybe just a pound...and hit up our friends at fellow for one of their duo coffee steepers. brew. take pictures. go crazy. add a mint leaf. or peanut butter.


actually, do not add peanut butter.

-marc beauregard, your roaster

Notes From a Costa Rican Coffee Farm, Part 1

Happy February, fellows! Marc, here...your coffee roaster...writing to you from back in frozen San Francisco, California.

As you may know, I was fortunate enough to travel to Costa Rica last December, tagging along with my girlfriend and her family. Along with being able to fully defrost and surf some hot little waves, we were also granted six days in the mountains of El Roble De Heredia, nestled between two coffee farms in a casita of our very own.

What I witnessed changed my life as a roaster and as a business owner. Below is an attempt to explain that change, accompanied with some un-touched photos from the trip.

coffee seems to grow in exclusively beautiful, exotic, serene locations. this finca was no different, as you see me covered in acres of almost-ripe yellow bourbon and red bourbon. breath-taking and beautiful.

coffee seems to grow in exclusively beautiful, exotic, serene locations. this finca was no different, as you see me covered in acres of almost-ripe yellow bourbon and red bourbon. breath-taking and beautiful.

Before I arrived at origin, I "knew" coffee was a fruit. I could logically grasp the concept. I had seen pictures like the one above of endless lines of green shrubs with sparkling red berries on them.  And I knew, logically, that inside those berries, were coffee beans. But arriving at a farm for the first time changed everything. Tasting, smelling, and touching the coffee cherries themselves straight from the vine was a sensory experience that can't be replicated. It was a sensory experience that goes beyond logically grasping something from a computer image.

yellow bourbon, a variety of the arabica, known for its bright, clear acidity. Inside each berry, two seeds.

yellow bourbon, a variety of the arabica, known for its bright, clear acidity. Inside each berry, two seeds.

Now, back in San Francisco, far from the tropical coffee farms of the world, as I pour raw green coffee into the drum of the roaster, I picture the plants they came from.  I can feel the images of terraced hillsides under canopies of banana trees. I can taste the juicy sugary pulp. I can see the people who spent hours finding only the best, most ripe cherries, and tossing them into their baskets for processing. 

harvest time in costa rica brings whole families from nicaragua to help pick the ripe berries.

harvest time in costa rica brings whole families from nicaragua to help pick the ripe berries.

On this trip to Costa Rica, we arrived on the second day of harvest. We were driven wildly through the dirt-and-boulder roads by the owner of the farm (I was convinced our tire would pop on every turn) and eventually found the group of coffee pickers. These people were amazing.  Meeting them, and explaining in my broken Spanish that I am "una tostador de cafe" was the most significant moment of the trip. It fused together two ends of the coffee-producing spectrum. The experience put a face to cliches like "Fair Trade." If my purchasing practices aren't fair, these are the people who get screwed. These are the people.

the most important part of coffee: the people! all smiles (almost) under the costa rican sun.  these faces are perhaps what I will remember most from my stay in the coffee farm. el roble de heredia, costa rica.

the most important part of coffee: the people! all smiles (almost) under the costa rican sun.  these faces are perhaps what I will remember most from my stay in the coffee farm. el roble de heredia, costa rica.

The simple fact of our world today, is that a $1 cup of coffee simply isn't sustainable. Somebody is getting screwed, and it probably isn't person who sold it to's probably these folks on the farm. So when you wonder what specialty coffee is all about, or what Bedfellows Roasting Company is all about...wonder no more. Our profits don't go to landlords or shareholders, they go to purchasing higher and higher quality coffee to deliver to our customers and wholesale partners. They go to support co-ops and trade organizations that directly support the people on the front lines. Because those people make great coffee. Coffee that is completely traceable.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of "Notes from a Costa Rican Coffee Farm," there's plenty more amazing memories to tell, and photos to accompany those memories.  Coming soon...

For Christmas Coffee, Do This...

holiday deadline: december 17th - due to the holiday rush, if you'd like christmas eve coffee, make sure you place your order by midnight december 17th.  we're all set up to work with our distributor to fulfill everyone who wants the smell of fresh coffee under their tree this year. we've even got the option to postpone roasting/shipping date until right before christmas, to ensure the freshest possible coffee under the tree. so go ahead, order now for friends and family, or yourself!

how to send coffee as a gift - since fresh roasted coffee from a small business is literally the greatest gift you could ever give, we've made it real easy to do.  shipping is FREE and prices start at $16.75. on our website, just click on our order page, add as many bags as you'd like to send, and on checkout, instead of entering your shipping address simply enter someone else's. they'll be surprised by the smell of fresh roasted bedfellows coffee on their doorstep in just a few days. if you're giving multiple gifts, make sure to place separate orders for each address.

temporary discounts and deals - we'd like to pass some temporary savings on to you this season, so make sure and take advantage of these coffee coupon codes at checkout:

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got more questions? try our f.a.q. page - click here for answers to some frequently asked questions.

thank you for ordering! enjoy your coffee! 

-bedfellows roasting company

The Best Gifts Ever - 7 Tiny Companies Making BETTER Products for the Holidays

sometimes i forget that people still give corporate gift cards as its 1997.

guys. come on. if i need to go to target, i'll just go to target. 

i know we can do better. since creating a company i've met so many small makers of truly unique, genuine products, it's astounding. like us, these people are going back to basics, but with just a little more attention to detail. my friends are bread-makers, bone-broth slinging hippies creating tea companies and chocolate companies out of thin air. these days there is no reason to ever purchase a target gift card again. ever.

instead, i want to open your mind to the myriad of people...yes, human beings...who have tiny, hard-working and super cool companies of their own. this is a list of small businesses whose founders are my friends. some are best friends, and others i've just barely met. but all of these companies offer passion-driven products that are of higher quality, healthier, made with love, and in most cases cheaper than your big corporate kooks.


  • URBAN MILLWORKS - (home furnishings)  these folks create sustainable, beautiful home furnishings and accessories from metal and wood. so ditch ikea already...there's gifts from UM starting at $22. oregon based and as unique as gifts get. take a look at that succulent!
  • STOKED GOODS - (suncare) did you know oxybenzone is common in most sunscreens, and it's the reason the coral reefs are dying? well stoked goods has a lip/face stick with no oxybenzone. the coral is stoked on this company, and your face won't mind, either.
  • STEEP TEA CO. - (beverages) i had the fortune of meeting the ladies of steep tea, and they are literally the most badass honeys in the bay area, and they've created a line of teas and tisanes to boot with names like 'misses rooiboson' and 'chammomillionaires.'
  • DESOLATION SUPPLY - (apparel) the child of tahoemade, this clothing collection was created by a crew of DIY minded wild spirits translating in smooth designs made by free minds. i dig it, and you will too.
  • ENDORFIN FOODS - (chocolate) the sister of the coffee seed is the cacao bean. but that's not my specialty, it's theirs. these guys use literally the highest quality cacao they can source on planet earth and go to outlandish lengths to produce old school, pure, sustainable, delicious, soul nourishing chocolate. this ain't your hershey bar, folks.
  • LONG BEACH DRIPPER - (pour over coffee cone) you know i love this one. these human beings are just getting started and their kickstarter is live with all sorts of prizes for donating. they've created the "ximeno," a precision, specialty coffee dripper that's hand thrown on a kiln. cool idea! 
  • BEDFELLOWS ROASTING COMPANY - (coffee) you knew this was coming. you know us. for the holidays, we've quadrupled our roast days and we're offering a free half-pound of coffee (to you) if you give a subscription as a gift. more on that is here. our subscription box information is here and to view our updated coffee offerings, including our new holiday blend, go here. shipping is always free!

i hope you guys dig this list. please leave additional tiny badass companies in the comments section, lets keep a thread of great makers going. thanks.

-marc beauregard

founder, bedfellows roasting company



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every month Bedfellows Roasting Company will select a unique coffee from a different region of the world and send it your way...each month you'll experience the myriad of roast levels and taste experiences.  these are the offerings that we believe you have to try. our first month we mailed an ethiopia sidama.  our second month saw a deep sulawesi. last month was a fruit spiced panama boquete from camiseta estate.

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your coffee is shipped on or around the 15th of each month via usps and is guaranteed to have been roasted the day prior. generally, 3 - 5 business days is plenty of time, however, bedfellows does not guarantee the exact arrival time of the package. once we relinquish our coffee to usps, it is beyond our control. we can, however, assist you in tracking your package until it arrives safely in your hands.  at this time, we can serve U.S. residents only.

so, to summarize:
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so...what exactly is coffee?

This: Is Coffee.

...Well…it will be.  But it’s true, the brown, bitter drink we know and love is created from those white-ish seeds in that coffee cherry. There are two in each cherry.  And it doesn't have to be bitter. I’ll bet you didn’t know that.

 The first time you taste fruit in your coffee is mind-melting.  You circuitry gets re-arranged.  You stop, re-focus.  Coffee? You take another sip.  “WTF?” you may remark.  This is not your Foldgers. Yet still, you say out loud, “nothing comes closer to home.”  It's not bitter. It's not "bad." It's clean. It's fruity. 

Fruit flavors will come out in your coffee because your coffee is made from the roasted seed of a fruit. I mean, wow. But it’s only the highest quality coffees, and those lighter, more delicate roast-levels that can preserve the subtle fruity nuances of the coffee varietal and the soil it was grown in. 

Tasting a light roasted coffee done right for the first time is like indulging a medium-rare slow-cooked tri-tip steak, oozing in its own juices, when you’ve been eating a crappy, blackened mid-grade rump roast your whole life.  It’s like switching from two-buck Chuck to a Vintage 1947 Chateau Cheval Blanc. Now, the two-buck chuck and the blackened rump have their place, but you’ve just got to try this.  It’s an experience in life that is worth having. That’s what we believe. 

Introducing the Bedfellows Panama Boquete Camiseta Estate.

Sign up for our subscription box before November 15th and we'll ship you this coffee! With tasting notes of orange and salted caramel, this light roasted coffee is grown in the lush, volcanic soil of the high mountains near Boquete, Panama. It is a fully washed coffee, dried in the Panama sun, and you can taste it. This coffee is of the ‘Typica’ variety, which is kind of like the “great-grandfather” of coffee varieties: going on hundreds of years of cultivation and tweaking.

Oh, and guess what?

Counter-intuitively, the lighter the roast, the higher the caffeine.

Notes From the Farm: Santo Domingo, Nicaragua


We believe that if you win your morning, you win the day.  It's simple to reinvent your morning ritual, especially with this month's subscription coffee feature,  the Bedfellows Nicaragua Santo Domingo.  We’re so proud to bring you this thick, chocolatey coffee! Now, if you’re just joining our subscription club this month, let me get you updated…30 days ago we featured a dark-roasted Central American gem from Costa Rica and so many of you told us how much you loved it, that we decided to stay in Central America for another month.  This coffee comes from northern Nicaragua in the Madriz region.  This small region is known for well balanced coffees with superb aroma, body, and flavor.  The locals are the first to tell you that these flavors are the result of nature: fertile volcanic soils, high-altitude and shade grown coffee.  

Screen shot 2015-10-12 at 8.32.07 AM.png

This is a Fair Trade, Organically produced washed Arabica coffee.  We decided to go pretty dark on the roast level again, to feature that classic approach and vary the palate a bit from our lighter and brighter varietals.  It’s our mission to show you just how unique and beautiful the different coffees of the world can be. 

 In your cup, you may get tasting notes of cocoa and graham cracker.  This coffee has a full, velvety body.  It is SO GOOD with milk.  Have an espresso machine?  Pull a shot.  It’ll make a memory.

If you'd like to see our past regions and offerings, go here.

September's Coffee is from Costa Rica!

Proudly presenting our featured certified organic coffee for September:

The Bedfellows Organic Costa Rica Amistad!

 Coffee was first brought to Costa Rica in the late 1700’s. Today it’s a huge part of the economy of this tropical Central American paradise. Costa Rica coffee is held in high regard around the world for being a truly “clean” cup of coffee.  In the coffee world, when we refer to a coffee as “clean,” we’re saying that it’s got that classic coffee taste. We’re saying it doesn’t taste like bananas or bergamot, we're sayin' there’s no chocolate-orange hints.  A clean cup is coffee that tastes like coffee.

The Bedfellows Organic Costa Rica Amistad is a dark roasted coffee, so you’ll get those roasty tones, a lower acidity, and full-bodied cup.  There’s plenty of sweetness as well.  We cupped a lot of coffees to find Finca La Amistad.

 Finca La Amistad (finca means “small farm” in Spanish) is located in the province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica.  This coffee is certified organic.  At Finca La Amistad, only 300 hectares of land are utilized for coffee cultivation while the remainder of the 4,000 hectare estate is preserved forest teeming with wildlife. 

this is the man who grew the coffee you're holding, mr. roberto montero. your morning drink is a collaboration between him, his workers, nature, myself, and YOU.

this is the man who grew the coffee you're holding, mr. roberto montero. your morning drink is a collaboration between him, his workers, nature, myself, and YOU.

The farmer’s commitment to organic farming pairs harmoniously with his commitment to his community. During the coffee harvest, La Amistad provides housing and free access to medical care for the seasonal pickers because most are indigenous people from Panama who come to La Amistad with their entire families.

 Do these remarkable, humane practices improve the taste of the coffee?  Well, no.  But our goals at Bedfellows are bigger than just great coffee. Great coffee is just the beginning.  We hope to inspire our customers to remain aware of their power as a purchaser of products in America.  By buying from small farmers and tiny coffee roasters that we know who tell us where their product comes from and where our money is being spent, we’re able to make change in the world, one pound of coffee at a time. We can then apply this to every area of life, while drinking some seriously solid coffees while we do so.

bedfellows subscribers: this one's for you

ladies, gentlemen...presenting our august coffee, due to roast and ship by early next week:

The Bedfellows Colombia Reserva Planadas!

 A little about this coffee:

We want to represent farms that bring the best coffee, no matter what their size. Your coffee comes from an association of small farmers, (AGPROSEM) which translates to Association of Producers of Specialty Coffee of Montalvo at Planadas. The association gathers 39 small coffee growers that got together to improve the quality of the coffee produced in the region, and to finally get fair prices on their coffee through the negotiation power that the associative model gives them. We are happy to support this movement. Proud, even.

 Currently the association is involved in training programs targeting its associates to promote better farming practices, the conservation of the sources of water, and the environment. This is something we can get behind, and by drinking the coffee, you are supporting the movement as well. Think about that. 

The coffee you'll be shipped IS ORGANIC, yet the certification is pending. See, for a small farm in central Colombia barely scraping by in a globalized world, the cost of a US recognized certification would put them out of business. Yet, year in and year out, these small farms continue to produce delicious organic coffee.

 We’re pleased to present this washed organic Arabica coffee.  It’s a high-scoring raw product that large companies like Starshucks just can’t get their hands on, due to their massive volume. Who wins? YOU.

‘Tis a versatile coffee indeed. We’ve brewed pour-over, French-press, cold-brew iced coffee, and even espresso with amazing results all around. So go on, indulge yourself.  Allow your morning ritual to define your day.

Thank you.


a rotation of ethically sourced coffees, roasted locally in San Francisco & shipped nationwide. shipping is free.