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I can still remember the first time I saw more than 100 pounds of fresh coffee in real life. I could have cried. In fact, I may have cried. I’m not sure. It was in that peak experience that I decided what I would do for the rest of my life. I would roast coffee.

I applied at every roastery in town and was denied by all of them. They wanted me to put in a few years bagging coffee or being a barista, which was all well and fine except that I wanted to ROAST, NOW.

I was left no choice but to take matters into my own hands. Thus began an elaborate and dangerous two-year experimentation process of roasting coffee in my tiny apartment and shipping it to friends and family. Was the fire department called out? Yes. Did I get evicted from my apartment for roasting after repeated warnings not to? Correct.

There had to be a better way to roast coffee…

what we do

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Thankfully, the days of roasting in the apartment are gone. Once I started using an industrial sized roaster, the game really changed for me and I was able to create a business around the idea. I launched the fully developed subscription box shortly after that.

These days, we roast in small batches in the back of a cafe here in Encinitas, California. We source and roast some of the greatest coffee we can find because we drink it too. I’ve visited coffee at its origin, (pictured) too, which created a shift in our buying practices towards more transparent, sustainable coffee.

we believe that great coffee should be in everyone's home and that the farmers should be paid fairly for their amazing work. we sell our coffees almost exclusively online. we work closely with our valued team of friends at USPS to ship our prized beans. Shipping is always free over two pounds.

As we expand our business, you can be assured that the backbone remains the same. It is, and always will be, me, roasting away in the back corner with a smile and a cappuccino.

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